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- a dream fulfilled


We spent our last full day in Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city. Being a Sunday morning it was very, very quiet when we dropped our bags off at our hotel. But, we got hold of a city map, and headed off to see what delights we could find.

Taking a loop past the majestic cathedral, we walked along the river and the pretty houses that overlook the cathedral grounds. We headed towards the oldest part of the city which now houses the young and trendy. Known as Bakkandet, it’s full of lovely coffee shops and eateries. The old wharf buildings line the river and there’s a lovely atmosphere.

After looking around the superb cathedral that had more complex stained glass windows than I’ve ever seen before, we had a siesta before heading back to Bakkandet for dinner in an authentic Norwegian restaurant/cafe. Lots of young people there, some with visiting parents as this is a university town. Wonderful atmosphere.

This morning we’re headed for the airport and the end of this Norwegian adventure. It’s been all I’d hoped for and more, made even more special by sharing it with Linda. It’ll live long in the memory…

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Last full day in Norway

Early risers

9D6ACD27-BEA8-4F8A-A1D0-39713D2BA55A.jpegE0ADEB34-EEE6-42AC-A558-7D35F62E212D.jpegDE1220B8-2BA1-48DC-8E5A-D1DBBECE1D83.jpeg2D901522-F3B7-4100-B03A-4B03608804B6.jpeg9883EDE1-A07E-4102-9B47-3B55FB6E2FD1.jpeg57128DB6-480E-40C7-BE51-636359F5F826.jpegA6E50484-8659-4E9E-8CF3-1D17597D1B88.jpeg5E95B3B5-04AA-438D-899B-B73CCD96FB0C.jpeg414265BB-DACA-441F-B0C3-8DF39A9726CC.jpeg603AF807-0178-4F6D-B265-2E6B22FABFBB.jpegAA1E77DE-1437-4F75-B325-A2EEBDC5FFA2.jpeg2AC7D912-38EE-4A68-B87A-F8ACE5562ACC.jpeg300FABFD-9888-40EF-B9C0-1AA11BFF414B.jpegWe’ve spent the past 36hrs at sea on the Hurtigruten MS Nordnorge and it’s been bliss. Flat calm seas and beautiful scenery. The luxury of just sitting and watching has not passed us by.

At 8.45am yesterday morning we crossed back over the Arctic Circle and there was a little ceremony. I had a spoonful of cod liver oil and a glass of champagne before breakfast!

The food is delicious on board and we both tucked into a hearty breakfast before spending most of the day just gazing at the view. Neither of us read or did the puzzles we thought we might do. Thanks to the miracle of technology and affordable data we were able to see our King sworn in at St James’ Palace and keep up with events back home.

There was a mountain that we passed which has a natural hole through the middle and we had a marvellous view thanks to the captain manoeuvring the ship so expertly.

After a beautiful sunset and a stunning full moon we hoped for a repeat show of the Northern Lights but it was not to be. We’re not complaining.

The ship spent most of the night quietly at sea until she slipped into Trondheim at dawn. Thank you Norway. You’ve lived up to my every dream and I can’t wait to return…

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Day 15 - leaving Lofoten

Revisiting and reflecting

We reluctantly packed up our things and left behind Lisbeth’s wonderful apartment in Svolvaer. Before we left, Lisbeth popped in to see us and I asked how she’d come to find herself in Lofoten, as she hails from Gothenburg, Sweden. She told us she’d been an art curator all her life and had become tired of it and was looking for something new. She was asked if she’d come to Lofoten to help establish galleries so came. She met her husband Bjørne two years later and stayed. Her house is full of glorious art and we couldn’t have found a better place to stay.

We headed out of Svolvaer with no agenda and stopped off at glass workshop where I treated myself to a bauble in the colours of the Northern Lights. Hope it makes its way home safely.

Next stop was a heritage museum consisting of a Manor House and outbuildings dedicated to the men and women who made their living from the sea centuries ago. It was naïve and charming.

Deciding against going to far in our less than perfect hire car, whose wheel bearings made a jolly tune whenever we hit a straight road, we popped back to Henningsvaer to see it in the dry. A charming little fishing village. Partaking of a divine pizza each, we relaxed until it was time to return the hire car and meet our ferry.

We’re onboard the Hurtigruten Nordnorge again, for two nights and a day, en route to Trondheim- sharing a cabin to ease the eye watering cost. We had a bit of a shock when we saw the double bed but Linda soon sorted that and we have comfortable singles now.

Flat calm seas meant for a good night’s sleep it85159580-C57C-4FF5-B7E4-D3DD024A3AF3.jpegD60BFEE4-BEC6-4D66-899C-A610C5155198.jpeg2E9CC82B-DD82-4D8E-A069-13FFB3692278.jpeg90F13D26-91DC-452E-9F62-7861B778F5EF.jpegD7D8E020-AE7D-4278-8031-17C090BE28AC.jpeg0830CF1D-CFB2-4269-9F8B-3146AF8FA4E6.jpegD1A4291A-ACC3-4F34-8E5B-A9090575E86C.jpeg33D0D237-DDCE-418D-921B-33FF7D88F88A.jpeg048AD5F3-2CFD-4835-8914-1F60FC5075E1.jpeg91336853-C84A-44D6-B72F-13B74FE5D046.jpeg for me. Linda is still asleep so I can’t speak for her.

I’ve spent the past hour listening to our King’s speech and catching up on events back home. God Bless Queen Elizabeth and our new King, Charles…

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On the saddest of nights…


On the saddest of nights, when we said goodbye to our Sovereign Queen Elizabeth 11, Linda and I sat and talked about the influence she’s had on our lives. From ‘always being there’, to being like another grandmother, to how the family have lost their mum/aunt/grandmother/mentor. About Charles and how he’s now king and about the coronation and matters of state and what does and doesn’t change today and going forward.

We talked about the Royal family during the world wars and how they unite us in times of trouble. I also mentioned being glad to be ‘away’ for a few days as the country comes to terms with what’s happened.

At about 10.45pm, we went outside to try and lift our spirits. Rewarded with one of nature’s miracles, I wondered if King Charles 111 might be seeing this delight from Balmoral? I truly hope so and, if he did, that he’d feel that nature has run its course, as it must do for us all, and that his mum, our sovereign for my entire life, is with her God.

Rest in Peace Your Majesty. E58D3186-90FD-433C-913A-B3F308225174.jpeg538C3F6B-32B7-4745-B524-31AF7D3CB5EE.jpeg700A4F93-497A-4D81-A647-6EFAED2DC221.jpeg0F992F6F-3B2F-4060-846B-94D905469B8E.jpegB936BDFB-3BD5-45B5-9288-1F148E9D3962.jpeg3B33C574-520F-4769-8387-CD4989D5FD3B.jpeg6A19DB96-EFFF-47B2-AE52-E5C92C7D6AB8.jpeg84F96980-C7A1-4CB8-A7D6-6F65D0B93D08.jpeg514409C8-81DA-4CBA-9A23-2F06D848BA88.jpeg💔

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Day 14 - Northern Lights and sparkling seas

And a sea eagle or two


Last night, at nearly midnight, we sat out on the deck of our Airbnb wrapped up in blankets, watching the Northern Lights. Not something I had any expectation of seeing so a complete and utter bonus. The activity was low so didn’t last very long but we were thrilled nonetheless.

We had an early start this morning as we’d planned a boat trip to Trollfjord to see the mountains up close and, hopefully, catch a glimpse of some sea eagles. The weather conditions could not have been more perfect. Flat calm seas still, mirror reflections on the water, rock steady boat. Our guide was very good indeed, explaining local legends as well as pointing out important landmarks. We saw eagles but I don’t think I captured any on my camera. It’s almost impossible to take in the majesty of these islands. You must see for yourselves.

We returned after about four hours totally exhilarated.

Later we drove east for a while to visit another beauty spot. When we returned from our walk we found ourselves surrounded by military vehicles! Some sort of exercise I guess…

Tomorrow evening we leave on the Hurtigruten bound for Trondheim though we’re both reluctant to leave this beautiful place. We’ll be back in another season…

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